About the MCPF


Judges are available for all types of exhibitions, competitions etc. They are listed in the PAGB Handbook and are appointed by a Judges' Committee. They agree to be listed in the Handbook and visit Societies on the terms outlined in the Handbook so that Societies know in advance the approximate cost of a Judge's visit.


Lecturers are listed in the PAGB Handbook together with the subjects covered and are available to visit Member Societies. They are volunteers, and agree to lecturer under the terms of the PAGB Handbook so establishing a known cost to member clubs.

MCPF Newsletter

The MCPF Newsletter is published free and sent to all Member Societies via email service for distribution among the Society Members.

Public Liability Insurance and All Risks Insurance

Insurance through the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain via the Federation is available for Public Liability.
A personal "All Risks" for Camera Equipment is also available.
Trustee Liability Cover for all Officers and Committee Members of Club/ Societies. 
To provide protection for Trustees/Officers or members of the committee for Loss arising from Claims in respect of Wrongful Acts. Your attention is drawn to the Section of the PAGB Handbook which deals with this scheme. 
Further information can be obtained from the MCPF Treasurer.

Chief Aim

The chief aim of the Federation is to assist Clubs/Societies to provide an adequate programmes of interest and instruction for their members through the judges and lecturers.

Members of Council are willing to help in any way possible when invited to do so.

Communication and Information

Before each General Meeting, Societies are circulated with all relevant information and occasionally there are extra mailings.

Current Officers

Mike Chapman ARPS MPAGB BPE4
email: president@mcpf.co.uk

Vice President
Lucia Duckett APAGB

General Secretary
Mary Jenkins APAGB
11c Mary Road
B33 8AR
Tel: 0121 628 6105
email:  sec@mcpf.co.uk

email: treasurer@mcpf.co.uk