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Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) Events

Inter-Federation Competitions

All the annual competitions for Monochrome Print, Colour Print, Open Projected Image and Projected Nature Image are held in June.
Each Federation is asked to submit a number of prints and PDI to represent them in the competition. The number of prints in an entry shall be equivalent to one-third of the number of Societies in the Federation submitting the entry at the 31st December preceding the entry date. The number of prints and Pdi’s to be submitted is determined by the number of clubs in your Federation and is different for each competition. The number of pieces of work from any one author is also restricted in prints, each entry must contain the work of at least six photographers, but must not contain more than two prints by any one photographer. For PDI, each entry must contain the work of at least six Photographers, but must not contain more than three images by any one photographer.
The work is marked by three judges selected by the PAGB Judges Committee (they are not allowed to have their work selected by their Federation).  The Federation with the highest average mark will be declared the winner (this often goes to 3 decimal points).  Individual awards are then selected and an exhibition made up of some of the work. The prints go around the Federations and the PDI are made into a CD of which every Federation receives a copy and this can be booked by any club/society. See PAGB Exhibitions
Work for the MCPF entry is selected from annual exhibitions and competitions MidPhot, Photofolio, and the Print/PDI Championship, by a team of renowned Midland judges under the supervision of the MCPF’s Inter-Federation Competition Secretary – Graham Walton (click here to contact Graham). More

The PAGB produce a travelling Exhibition of selected work of both prints and projected images taken from the Inter-Fed competitions.  The travelling exhibition is on display around the UK but they can vary on times of year and venues however, they are advertised in the PAGB enews and on their website. 
The PAGB produce a recorded copy of the work that is selected for the exhibition and this can be hired directly from the PAGB. The show is available to download as MP4 file from the PAGB website for a fee.  For more information go to the PAGB website and look for the recorded lecture page.


PAGB Distinctions

The Awards are open to all members of clubs affiliated to the PAGB through their Federations, they are at three levels:
Credit (CPAGB) The standard is that of  ‘Good Club Photography’ Certificate and Blue Badge
Distinction (DPAGB) The standard is that of ‘Open Exhibition Photography’ Certificate and Red Badge
Master (MPAGB) The standard is that of ‘The Highest Standard of Amateur Photography’. Images likely to be accepted and win Awards in International Exhibitions. Certificate and Yellow Badge
The Awards are normally held for life without any annual fee and holders are entitled to use the designated letters after their name.
Qualification All applicants must pre-qualify via their Federations. Entrants must have been active members of an affiliated Club for a minimum of 2 years for CPAGB, 3 years for DPAGB and 5 Years for MPAGB, a retrospective period of 10 years may be considered. Applications for MPAGB must have held DPAGB for at least 11 months on the date of adjudication. Please contact your Federation Awards Officer for guidance.
Adjudications will normally be held in April and November of each year and you are advised to apply well in advance. Entries will not be presented as panels but will be mixed and scored as individual images by 6 judges selected from the PAGB.  Adjudications are hosted by each Federation in turn  see the PAGB website for adjudication diary.
Audio Visual Applicants may apply either singly or jointly for an Award in AV Adjudications will be held as and when it is deemed appropriate and provided there is sufficient demand. The fee structure is the same as stated below for each level of Award. Please see the separate leaflet dealing specifically with Audio Visual applications
For more information see the PAGB website or download the information pack found on PAGB Distinction page (More) or contact Federation PAGB Distinctions Secretary – Alan Lovatt (Click here to contact them)

PAGB Inter-Club Championships

These are competitions for clubs/societies representing their Federations.  Each Federation has a different method of selecting their representatives, the MCPF has it’s own Print/PDI Championships to determine this. The competitions take place annually, PDI at the University of Warwick in July and the prints at Blackburn in October.
Each Federation chooses two clubs plus those clubs that have pre-qualified by finishing in the top eight the previous year.
To see more about how the MCPF chooses their representatives go to MCPF Print & PDI Championship page.
To see how MCPF Clubs faired at the this years Inter Club Competitions go to MCPF Print & PDI Championship page.

Great British Cup

This is an inter-club competition for Projected Images (PDI). Every club affiliated to a member Federation is encouraged to enter.  There is an Open GB Cup, a separate GB Cup for smaller clubs and a GB Cup Nature. See the PAGB website for more details  www.thepagb.org.uk
You can now download shows of the top scoring images from each of the GB Cups from the PAGB website.  Look for the Recorded lecture page.

PAGB Newsletter

These are issued via email as and when something is note worthy.  You can subscribe to them directly through the PAGB website.  Or try to encourage your Secretary to subscribe on behalf of your club to then redistribute to your members.  It contains lots of information about PAGB events, and PAGB news. Click on the link to get to the subscription page of the PAGB News. It’s FREE
To gain access to the PAGB News Archives go to www.pagbnews.co.uk