Midland Counties Photographic Federation

MidPhot Audio Visual Competitions

AV Championship organiser Alistair Taylor


Saturday 29th January 2022

The Priory Centre, Church Road, Stretton, Burton on Trent

Clearly, we need to maintain the option of running the event on-line should that be needed. It will be January before we can make that decision.

Competition Judges
Andrew. N. Gagg FRPS
Bryan Stubbs ARPS
Jeff Mansell CPAGB/AV

Closing date for entries ~ Saturday 15th January 2022 Rules and entry forms can be downloaded via the link at the top of the page.
Completed Entry Forms together with the Entry Fee should be sent to:
Alastair Taylor
Email midphotavcomp@gmail.com Telephone 01952 550398

Audio Visual Competitions Open AV and PhotoHarmony

AVs entered in the OpenAV competition will be judged using internationally accepted criteria, where the quality and appropriateness of the images and the soundtrack, how those two interrelate and of the concept/production, will all contribute to the overall judgment.

AVs entered in the PhotoHarmony competition will only be judged on the quality of the images, the harmonious way they transition from one to the next and how those transitions relate to the soundtrack used.  Any other features of the AV, such as a storyline, narration, graphics, or text, will not add any credit to the entry, though they will not penalise it.

The winner of the OpenAV competition will be awarded the ‘Tom Prince Trophy‘; the winner of the PhotoHarmony competition will be awarded the ‘Howard & Carole Bagshaw Trophy‘. In each competition, the judges will also award MCPF medals to the first and runner-up AVs. Each of the three judges will also award a ‘highly commended’ MCPF ribbon for their choice in each competition.  Commendations may also be given at the discretion of the judges.  The ‘Martin Fry Trophy’ will be awarded to the AV, across both competitions, which the audience present at the Championships, judge to be their favourite. New to 2022 The Andrew. N. Gagg Award  Audio Visual Excellence awarded for narrative, including writing, delivery, fluency & expressiveness.

2021 MidPhot AV Competition Results

Friday 29 and Saturday 30 January 2021
Derrick Holliday ARPS

Photo Harmony Competition
Winner – North of 64 by Nick Browne – Beacon CC
Runner-up – Masquerade by Alan Tyrer – Worcestershire AV Group
Judge’s Award (Ian) – Autumn Haiku Nonet by Clive Haynes – Worcestershire CC
Judge’s Award (Sheila) – Chihuly by Ian Bennett – Worcestershire AV Group
Judge’s Award (Derrick) – Standing Stone by Martin Fry – Cheltenham CC
Commended – North of Rannoch by Mike Edwards –  Smethwick PS
Commended – Hard as Iron by Peter Warner – Beacon CC
Commended – The Tractor Shed by Keith Watson – East Mids AV Group 

Open-AV Competition
Winner – Golem by Andrew Gagg – Worcestershire CC
Runner-up – God’s Paintbrush by Malcolm Imhoff – East Mids AV Group
Judge’s Award (Ian) – The Cost of War by Richard Brown – Sutton Coldfield PC
Judge’s Award (Sheila) – A Town of Happy Hookers and Useless Flankers by Keith Watson – East Mids AV Group
Judge’s Award (Derrick) – If I Knew that You Were Coming by Jon Lloyd – Beacon CC
Commended – Go to Hell by Howard Bagshaw – Stafford PS
Commended – Inside Outside by Richard Brown – Sutton Coldfield PC
Commended – The Big G by David Eaves – Leamington Spa PS

Audience Vote – Masquerade by Alan Tyrer – Worcestershire AV Group