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MCPF Seminar 2018

MCPF Seminar 2018


2018 Seminar
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Leigh Preston FRPS
Leigh’s Photography encompasses a variety of areas within the modern photographic scene, including tuition, image processing and, of course, actually taking photographs. Leigh has a relatively specific approach to what he chooses to take pictures of and relies heavily on atmospherics, dramatic lighting and strong storylines to convey an individual style. Leigh holds two RPS Fellowships, one for pictorial images taken of the mill towns in Lancashire and Yorkshire and the other for Darkroom printing.  Leigh belongs to the ARENA group of photographers, is a member of The London Salon and has published many books and has had a number of one-man exhibitions in London, Dublin, Birmingham, Reading, Manchester, Gloucester and Belfast. Leigh will be talking about the use of Chaos and Rhythm in Pictures and also Negative Space. Leigh’s approach and passion will inspire you to find a deeper and meaningful approach to your work.


Nathaniel Coalson ARPS ASICIP 
Creating Powerful Images through Photographic Design
Join us for an in-depth look at proven methods for consistently producing dynamic and engaging pictures. Nathaniel will share examples from his diverse body of photographic work encompassing landscape, nature, travel and abstract fine art.  You will learn key design principles and effective techniques that apply both in-camera and in the digital darkroom. Participants will come away with essential knowledge and skills to improve their own work with immediate results.


Joan is recognized and acclaimed nationally and internationally as one of the UK most successful Photographers, being awarded many prestigious awards.  Joan describes herself as a digital artist and photographer who enjoys blurring the lines between conventional art and photography.  Joan’s talk starts at the very beginnings of her photographic experience and moves on to the present day.  She will talk about where she gets her inspiration and show how many of her images were constructed.  Delegates will be able to see that from a very uninspiring if not bad start (and with a lot of practice) progress to produce images that have gained many awards both nationally and internationally.  Joan’s passion for photography will inspire you all to hopefully go to another level in your photography.


The Old School House
W. Midlands B69 2AS
Tel: 0121 552 0279 (open hours only)
(Smethwick PS Club Rooms)
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