Midland Counties Photographic Federation

MidPhot Exhibition of Midland Photography

MidPhot Exhibition Joint Chairman: Ralph and Lucia Duckett

Q.  I cannot find an entry form to download?
A.  There is no paper entry form to download.  An entry form listing all your print entries and a thumbnail of your Pdi’s, is generated at the end of the on-line entry system.  A form is  generated for each person entered in turn.  Remember to include a copy in the box with your work.

Q. Do I enter prints on-line?
A.  Yes please.  Once you have entered your details you will be asked if you are entering prints, then if you are entering Mono Prints, enter your titles.  The next option is to enter Colour prints and then Nature prints.  If you do not want to enter prints answer No and you will be directed to the Pdi entry.

Q. Can individual club members enter their own work?
A. Yes, all we ask is that if entering prints, please send them together with your fellow members work.  It makes handling the prints easier at the unpacking stage.

Q.  I think I may have made an error with my entry?
A.  You can go back into the system and preview your entry and if necessary made any required changes, right up to the closing the date.

More help can be found if you download the rules and conditions.  And a copy has been sent to all club secretaries, Competition secretaries.