Midland Counties Photographic Federation

Travelling Portfolio

Travelling Portfolio Secretary: Steve Clifford
email: portfoliosec@mcpf.co.uk

2020 -2021 Season ONLY

The new Travelling Portfolio for the 2020-2021 season will consist of PDI’s presentations only.  And because Photofolio 2020 had to be cancelled the images have been taken from MidPhot 2020.   There two Picture to Exe presentations one for the all the accepted Prints and one for all the accepted Pdi’s.  Booking the shows will follow the same procedure as normal and both shows are included in the package.  How you present them is entirely up to you.  If interested please get in touch with the Travelling Portfolio Secretary Steve Clifford using the email address or by using the booking form above.  Unlike when the Portfolio contained Prints and you had to be found a slot to receive and pass on them to a neighbouring, this year’s can be booked at any time.  

The shows will be sent to you via WeTransfer which is a free service, all we need is your payment and an email address to transfer them to.


Both Print and Pdi shows are limited to be shown ONLY 10 times.  We suggest that when you download from We Transfer that you put it immediately onto the device you are using to run the show.  Whilst the show will run from a memory stick it would run more smoothly on the hard drive.  You need to be aware that a run is used up even if you only test the opening few images and stop the show.


Print Show – 47 minutes General sections plus 8 minutes for nature section – total 55 minutes

This show has been split into two, general section of mono and colour (mixed) and Nature. Nature will follow the general section with a distinct break so you can stop the show if you do not wish to see this section.

The prints have been set to music but you do have other options as to how to view it.

  1. Run as is with music and slides automatically move on.
  2. To run automatically without music simply turn the volume down.
  3. To manually advance the show. – Press the pause button [||] then press the advance button [>>] this will move to the next image.  (suggest you turn the volume off).  To go backwards press the [<<] button.  All the controls can be found by moving the mouse to the bottom of the screen.

Projected Image Show – approx. 1hr 7 minutes.

This show has been left as it would have been shown at the MidPhot Exhibition.  You can only adjust the volume or pause the show.  Scroll the mouse to the bottom of the screen and a control bar will appear, move the mouse away from the bottom of the screen and the control bar will disappear after 2 or 3 seconds.

The Travelling Portfolio is made up of prints and PDI selected from the Photofolio Exhibition held in June.  The winning images plus some of the accepted images go into make up an evening entertainment.  Two eminent MCPF judges make a commentary for the prints (first half)  and PDI (second half).  The Travelling Portfolio is a popular evening travelling around the MCPF and needs to be booked 12 months in advance. It will depend on your clubs location and how it fits in with clubs around you – clubs in the same geographic area of the Federation takes the portfolio on consecutive days, weeks, e.g. Tamworth PC have it on a Wednesday and pass it onto Burton PS for the Thursday, who then pass it on to Walsall PS ready for the Monday.  It is the  receiving club responsibility to pass it on to the next club in the sequence.  Check out the rota and see where your club could fit it in or check when a neighbouring club is showing it and go and see it.  (You do not have to play the commentary, make up your own evening). For more information get in touch with the Portfolio Secretary Steve Clifford.